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Monday, February 7, 2011

Motivation Monday - Survival Mode

Polar bear swims for 9 days, 426 miles to find ice for refuge

"the female bear spent nine days swimming across the Beaufort Sea in the Alaska region in a desperate hunt for a ice to settle on. At the outset, she was accompanied her cub, which sadly didn't survive the 426-mile trek through the freezing waters; she also lost more than 100 pounds during the search."
A lot of people read this story and think "global warming sucks, those poor polar bears". I think "WOW! Now that's weight loss!". Think about it. Why did this bear lose 100 pounds? "Because she swam 426 miles in 9 days Mike!" OK, why did she swim 426 miles in 9 days?


Our ancestors never had a problem with weight loss and fitness because they were constantly in survival mode. Most of us have no idea what it is like to not know where your next meal is coming from. Or have to hunt and gather food to survive.

When our ancestors, at least in many cultures, did find food they would consume as much as they could because they did not know when they will have their next meal. Because of this our ancestors developed a very efficient system to store energy (Fat Cells). And guess what, our ancestors passed that efficient system down to us. THANK YOU ANCESTORS! I believe this is a big reason why many people struggle with their weight today. Our DNA is telling us to consume as much food as we can. But because we live in a land of plenty, we end up consuming a lot more than we need.

Our ancestors also used a lot of that stored energy to hunt and gather their next meal, search for better shelter (like the polar bear), fight off wild animals, and rub sticks together to make fire. Many of us do a small fraction of the work our ancestors once did.

Our DNA is telling us to eat a lot because it doesn't know when we will eat again, even though we will be eating again in about 3-4 hours. Our activity level is much lower than our ancestors was. This equals lots of stored fat! So we can do what the polar bear did, swim 426 miles and lose 100 pounds. Or we can think of food in a survival sense. Stay away from the foods you don't need for survival, like brownies and cake, and increase your activity level by exercising.


great post Mike...that polar bear had a lot of heart. A lot of people are just lazy and food is too easy to come by.

Great post! Very simply put, but it gets the point across very well!

and I meant "simply put" in a good way, you have a way of explaining things in a way that make them very easy to understand. I like it!

love you Mikey! really enjoying these :) and LOVE the "wild animal" :)

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