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Monday, February 14, 2011

Motivation Monday - Why You Should "Go Primal!"

"The Unconquerable Dave"

I had to share this post I read on Mark's Daily Apple. Please click the link above and read this guys success story. It is very inspiring!

For those of you too lazy to click on the link, here is the abbreviated version of what Dave accomplished.

  • Lost 300lbs
  • Went from size 44 pants to 34
  • Increased energy and fitness (404lb Dead-lift at 54 years old)
How did he do all this? He went "Primal"! His diet plan was simple. "IF I CAN’T KILL IT- FIND IT-OR GATHER IT… I DON’T EAT IT" he said. A basic "Paleo" diet. No counting calories and no low fat. Keeping it simple. Eat what our ancestors ate. What a great idea!


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