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Monday, February 28, 2011

Motivation Monday - Get Motivated!

So it's Monday again. Long weekend? Tired? Don't feel like going to the gym today? Do you have a case of the Mondays?

It can be hard to get motivated to work out on Mondays. So what do you do to get yourself motivated on Monday mornings?

Do you use guilt? "I should not have eaten that bloomin' onion Saturday night, so I have to get my butt to the gym!

Do you have a workout buddy? Having somebody to work out with, or a group of people, is a great way to keep yourself honest. Knowing there is somebody meeting you at the gym is a great way to make sure you get there!

Do you have a trainer? Having that appointment scheduled early in the week is a great way to kick start your training week!

Do you have a routine?
Habits can be a great thing. I always say we are creatures of habits. It is very important to get into the habit of getting into the gym. Once you have developed the habit it will become second nature to just go to the gym, even if you don't feel like it.

There are a couple things I like to do to get myself going on Mondays. First, I work at a gym so it's pretty easy getting myself to the gym! I like weighing myself every Monday morning. As some of you know I have always struggled with my weight. I like to use Monday mornings as my weigh in day. The number on that scale Is a great motivator for me. The information either tells me I'm on the right track, or if I should change something. By the way, I am down 10lb so far since the new year by eating mostly a paleo diet!

What do you do to get yourself motivated? Let me know in comments.


I think being fat just doesn't bother some people enough. I just have to look in the mirror and say it's time to work out you fat bastard. Humiliation is the best motivator, some people just can't motivate themselves.

I get a case of the Thursdays, where I tend to lose motivation and focus on other things.

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