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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Workout Wednesday - Happy Groundhog Day!


On a more serious note...

(click picture for Jack LaLanne story)

I was sad to hear Jack LaLanne died. I thought he would live forever. Jack LaLanne took a niche activity (lifting weights and exercising) and exposed it to the masses. He is the reason many women began exercising, even though doctors at the time said it was unhealthy. He was one of the first to promote weight lifting for athletes. It was once thought lifting weights would make an athlete muscle bound and slow. Imagine that thought today; sounds crazy!

If not for Jack LaLanne I would probably be throwing hay bails or swinging a hammer for a living. Thank you Jack LaLanne, for all you have done for the fitness field, doing what you knew was right, and not following the status quo.


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