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Monday, March 7, 2011

Motivation Monday - Don't Say Can't!

"I Was Told I Couldn't"

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I HATE the word CAN'T!! The link above will bring you to a very good video about a man that had Spondylolisthesis. He had surgery on his back and was told that he would not be able to lift weights, ride a bike or run any more. He was told he would have to "be a couch potato".

He did not let his injury hold him back. He scaled his workouts and became stronger. He is now a part owner of a Crossfit gym called Crossfit Leman.

We should all have this guys attitude. He had a bad injury. He did not take the easy way out and become a couch potato. He went to the gym. He was smart about his workouts and scaled. Now he is a stronger person for it.

Having an injury should never be an excuse to miss a workout. You can always scale a workout to work around an injury, or perform certain movements to help an injury heal.

P.S. He mentions in the video that his best deadlift is 150kg. That is a little over 330lb! Not bad for a guy that "shouldn't lift weights!"


I think it's also important to know the difference between an injury and when your just being a huge wuss. The good pain/ bad pain thing.

Definitely! But even with an injury you can still work out. Lets use a hypothetical situation. Say somebody had a knee injury, from maybe shoveling their driveway in "slippery boots". Just because the knee is injured doesn't mean you can't work out. You just have to be smart and work around the injury. Staying active will help it heal faster.

Your point is well taken. A lot of people that are new to exercise are scared as hell when they have soreness after a workout. Soreness is not an injury!

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