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Monday, March 28, 2011

"The One Ingredient Challenge"

Andrea (my lovely wife) has decided to call my one month organic experiment "The One Ingredient Challenge". I like it! The idea is to only eat foods with one ingredient. Like grass fed steak, not Taco Bell "steak". No more cheese. Free range chicken and eggs instead of factory chickens and eggs.

What my diet did look like: I usually eat 4 meals a day. When I wake up I prepare 3 meals and put them in "Rubbermaid" containers so I can easily bring them to work and warm them up in the microwave. These meals usually consist of 4 eggs and either a couple oranges, a grapefruit or mixed vegetables (frozen from Wegmans). My dinner is usually a bunch of broccoli (frozen from Wegmans) with some kind of meat (Sausage, Steak, Chicken...), and cheese melted on top.

Issues with my diet:

  • I admittedly eat too much! I have been eating this way pretty consistently starting in January and have lost 10 pounds, so it is not an extraordinarily high amount of food for me, but I can afford to reduce my intake somewhat.
  • I don't have much variety! I usually eat a dozen eggs a day! So I am pretty much eating eggs at every meal. That is not very sustainable. Anybody would get tired of eating the same thing all the time.
  • I am eating way too many artificial fertilizers, pesticides, and hormones
In future posts I will be comparing my normal diet with my "One Ingredient Diet", both nutritionally and monetarily.


you should make your new diet and your old diet each day for the month and have separate receipts and all that to prove your study. I will even eat your old diet for you if you bring it over:-) Im excited to see the results

that was me...sorry, forgot my name.

My plan is to do a comparison of both the nutritional differences and price differences of the diets, as well as my results from the change in eating habits. I lost 3lb last week!

Today's post was supposed to have a video that I made showing my normal eating habits, but there were some technical difficulties!

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