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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Workout Wednesday - Don't be Fooled by Marketing

Everybody in my gym is going bonkers over the "greatest new exercise apparatus!" Of course I am talking about the TRX.
According to their website, the TRX was "Invented by U.S. Navy Seals" and is a "revolutionary method of leveraged bodyweight exercise." Hate to break it to ya, but suspension training has been around a while.

And so has Kettlebell training.

And so has the Medicine Ball.

And so has Exercise.

I have nothing against good marketing and making a buck on selling exercise. Hell, that's how I make my living! Just be careful when you buy into the "latest, newest, revolutionary" fitness equipment.

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with some of this equipment. The TRX is a great product. It is easy to adjust so you can quickly transition from one exercise to another. It is also very handy for traveling. You can wrap the strap around just about anything and get a good workout anywhere. Kettlebells are one of my favorite tools. Training with kettlebells is a great way to learn how to move with resistance. And how can you not love the medicine ball? Slamming those suckers against a wall is a great stress reliever!

I just find it funny when companies use terms like "latest", "newest", and "revolutionary" to describe equipment or movements that have been used for decades or centuries!

What do you think about these products? What do you think about marketing exercise?


I love the ones that people buy that aren't even needed to do the exercise...situp and pushup ones come to mind. Or the ones that you can tell wont really work...shake weights or those electrical hook ups that make your body convulse.

The one thing that I will say for TRX in this discussion is that part of the packaging (and it's a great marketing add-on) is the inclusion of a door anchor. Yes, suspension (and bodyweight in general) training has been around forever, but who ever thought they'd be able to hang a set of rings on their bedroom door?

While our gym (a competitor of yours) has an S-frame and we sell a TRX class, we also have people bringing their own straps in and hanging them from the squat cage on cold, wet days when they can't hang them from trees or soccer goalposts.

I agree! One great thing about the TRX is that it has brought ring training (suspension training) to the masses. It used to be that only gymnasts would train on rings but now the general population is reaping the benefits!

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