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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Workout Wednesday - METCON

I've decided to change up my workout routine. Starting in January, I have been concentrating on increasing my strength. Each day i have a main lift then I do some sort of metabolic conditioning (Metcon). Usually a somewhat short, 10-20 minutes, high intensity couplet or triplet. An example of one of these conditioning workouts is 3 rounds for time of 20 kettlebell Swings, 20 GHD Situps and 20 Hip Extensions.

My program has looked something like this.

  • Monday: Back Squats 7x3 then Metcon (usually includes some sort of jumping, swings, and core work)
  • Tuesday: Overhead Press 7x3 then Metcon (usually includes pullups)
  • Wednesday: Rest Day
  • Thursday: Deadlift 7x3 then Metcon (always varied)
  • Friday: Metcon (full body butt kicker!)
This has been working for me very well! I have lost about 10 pounds and have gotten much stronger. The only problem is I feel I am losing power! I did some cleans during my Metcon the other day and it felt very slow!

So here is what I am thinking. I want to continue getting stronger and also increase my power by incorporating more Olympic Lifting.
  • Monday: Clean & Jerk 5x3 then Back Squats or Front Squats (alternating weeks) 5x3
  • Tuesday: Overhead Press 5x3 then Long Metcon, over 15min. (with pullups)
  • Wednesday: Rest Day
  • Thursday: Deadlifts or Front Squats (alternating weeks) 5x3 then Short Metcon, under 15min.
  • Friday: Long Metcon (running, pullups, pushups, light squats...)
I will vary the sets and reps for the main lifts from week to week and also keep the Metcons varied as much as possible. On weeks I do Back Squats on Monday I will do Front Squats on Thursday. If I do Front Squats on Monday I will do Deadlifts on Thursday. Two reasons for this. 1. My Front Squat SUCKS!!! It is one of my weakest lifts, so I want to work on it! 2. Volume; I feel when I do Back Squats and deadlifts on the same week I am putting my body under too much load. By throwing some Front Squats in on Thursday in place of the deadlifts I believe I will give my body more recovery time. By adding the clean & Jerk every week I think I will be able to increase my power quite a bit while still increasing my strength and keeping my overall fitness level up.

What do you think of my plan? What has your workout routine been? Does it need a change as well? Let me know, I can help!


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