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Friday, April 15, 2011

Fat Friday - Buying Organic

11 Things You Should Buy Organic

  • Beef: "Research suggests a strong connection between some of the hormones given to cattle and cancer in humans, particularly breast cancer," says Samuel Epstein, MD
Eat grass fed beef. It is a little more expensive, but well worth it! I think it tastes better and it is more nutrient dense!
  • Strawberries: "strawberries have a large surface area and all those tiny bumps, which makes the pesticides hard to wash off, so you’re ingesting more of those chemicals," explains Marion Nestle, PhD. "If you can, also skip conventional peaches, apples, blueberries, and cherries, which are typically treated with multiple pesticides and usually eaten skins-on."
Organic strawberries are a bit more pricey, but they are more nutrient dense and you aren't getting all those chemicals. Think about the cost down the road caused by ingesting all those pesticides.
  • Cookware: "Most nonstick cookware contains a fluorochemical called PTFE that breaks down to form toxic fumes when overheated," says Olga Naidenko, PhD, a senior scientist at the EWG. "Those fumes can coat the inside of the lungs and cause allergy-like symptoms."
I did not know this! Maybe this is a reason why more people seem to be suffering from allergies than in the past. I know mine seem to be getting worse as the years go on. I am switching to some old school cookware. Cast iron and stainless steel from now on!
  • Popcorn: "The linings of microwave-popcorn bags may contain a toxic chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid, or PFOA, which is used to prevent the food from sticking to the paper."
  • Water Bottles: "For adults, the biggest concern with BPA is that it may increase the risk of breast cancer in women and reduce sperm counts in men," says Dr. Carpenter
Reduce sperm count? Nuff said... No more plastic water bottles for me!
  • Food-Storage Containers: "BPA strikes again: Many food-storage containers are made of the hard, clear polycarbonate plastic that may contain BPA... Glass containers are your safest—not to mention planet-friendly—bet. Both Rubbermaid (at left) and Pyrex make glass ones with BPA-free plastic lids."
I use plastic storage containers EVERY DAY! Even worse, I put them in the microwave every day! Time to get some glass containers.
  • Celery: "When researchers at the EWG analyzed 89,000 produce-pesticide tests to determine the most contaminated fruits and vegetables, celery topped the chart. "In terms of the sheer number of chemicals, it was the worst," says Sonya Lunder, senior analyst at the EWG."
  • Tomato Sauce: "When picking up tomato sauce or paste, choose the glass jar or box over the can. "The lining on the inside of food cans that’s used to protect against corrosion and bacteria may contain BPA," explains Cheryl Lyn Walker, PhD"
Organic vegetables (I know tomato's are technically a fruit) aren't much more expensive than "regular" vegetables, especially when in season. So you might as well just get the organic variety.
  • Milk: "The milk you’re drinking may not be doing your body good: Dairy products account for a reported 60 to 70 percent of the estrogens we consume through our food. If that seems like a shockingly large number, it’s mainly because milk naturally contains hormones passed along from cows. What worries some experts is that about 17% of dairy cows are treated with the hormone rBST (or rBGH), which stimulates milk production by increasing circulating levels of another hormone called insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1). "Elevated levels of IGF-1 in people are associated with an increased risk of cancer, including breast cancer," Dr. Schettler explains. In fact, the use of rBGH is banned in Europe and Canada. Although research has yet to definitively conclude whether drinking rBGH-treated milk increases your IGF-1 levels high enough to cause concern, Dr. Schettler says it’s advisable to buy milk that hasn’t been treated with it. So pick up milk that’s labeled rBGH-free, rBST-free, or is produced without artificial hormones."
Barry Bonds takes all sorts of heat for pumping hormones into his system, but nobody talks about the hormones that are being pumped into our food. And the USDA deems these practices as safe? And the USDA keeps pushing milk to young girls for healthy bones. 60-70% of extrogens we consume? We wonder why girls are reaching puberty earlier?

As I have said before; even eating organic is not perfect. The USDA has many loopholes to call something "Organic". But at least we know it is better than the traditional foods we are consuming.


I know it wont help us, but for future generations they should do a life long study to see how much healthier it is to eat organic. It would be interesting to see if those people still got sick a lot or get cancer.
It is crazy that the scientific stuff is allowed while its potentially harming us.

I would love to see that study too. People have always developed cancer, but it seems like we are exposed to so many things now that our grandparents weren't exposed to.

The fact that our generation may be the first to not outlive their parents is scary. There has to be a reason for that. I think the food we consume is a big reason, not the only reason, but one of the reasons.

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