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Monday, April 11, 2011

Motivation Monday - Ways to Cheat Death

5 Ways to Cheat Death

Not a bad article overall. I agree with many of the points but I'm not sure I buy into some of the other points. Below I will highlight the articles main points then give my 2 cents.

"Live Higher Up"

  • "The Science": People that live at higher elevations are less likely to die of heart disease.
  • "Why it Helps": More UVA exposure = more vitamin D
  • "Your Move": "Take a vitamin D3 supplement"
  • Michael's Take: D'OH! How about going outside a little more! We know most Americans are vitamin D deficient. The solution the "experts" give us? "Take the easy way out! Take more drugs and supplements!" How about getting outside in the sun a bit more?
"Make Relationships Last"
  • "The Science": People with strong friendships or community involvement live 3.7 years longer.
  • "Why it Helps": "Social support is linked to better immune function" and people with meaningful bonds are less likely to take risks.
  • "Your Move": Schedule an event with friends rather than an open-ended get together...
  • Michael's Take: 3.7 years? That's it? I wouldn't blame you if you stayed anti-social! Honestly though; you should have close friends and relationships. People with close relationships live a much happier life. Happy = Less Stress. Less Stress = Better Health
"Brush Your Teeth"
  • "The Science": People that brush their teeth less than 2 times a day have a 70% higher risk of heart disease.
  • "Why it Helps": Oral bacteria can enter your bloodstream, possibly triggering plaque buildup in arteries.
  • "Your Move": Brush and floss correctly.
  • Michael's Take: Yeah, brush your teeth! It may even help you in the "make relationships last" department. But I'm not sure if I buy the oral bacteria making it's way to our arteries. Maybe it does, but perhaps people that brush their teeth have less risk of heart disease because they are more health conscious. Usually people that don't brush their teeth aren't too concerned about their overall health and well being!
"Breathe Clean Air"
  • "The Science": People that live in cities with cleaner air live longer
  • "Why it Helps": Dirty air contains micro-pollutants.
  • "Your Move": Stay away from running cars as much as possible.
  • Michael's Take: I agree! Have you noticed more people seem to suffer from allergies than a few years ago? My allergies seem to be getting progressively worse every year. Maybe air pollutants have something to do with this?
"Accept Your Age"
  • "The Science": People happy with their age live 2 years longer than those who don't.
  • "Why it Helps": Accepting your age is related to healthy behaviors.
  • "Your Move": Don't compare yourself to younger people, compare yourself with your contemporaries.
  • Michael's Take: I'm not quite in the position to comment on this one because I am not quite part of the "older" community yet. But I do see this with some of the people I work with. Some people try to compare themselves with "younger" or "more fit" people in the gym. Age doesn't matter in the gym! I would rather you try to keep improving and compare yourself to your past self. Continual improvement is the only thing that matters! I don't care if you're 18 or 88!
What do you think of these "Ways to Cheat Death"?


I also think the "clean air" point could be more attributed to the fact that people that live out in the country are more relaxed than people in cities, have more area to be active and do things outside (like grass, trees, fields), and as a whole, probably eat healthier. But that's just anecdotal info from my perspective!

and people who live in the country may be more active doing yard work?

looking forward to what organic foods we should buy. I bet Milks on that list!

I think stress is a big factor. People who live in the country live slower, less stressful lives. High stress levels is a big cause of many ailments.

I heard that men who are married may live longer but wish they were dead.

@Drake You will have first hand experience soon!

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