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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


great video...really makes you think. Hamburger filler cleaned with ammonia...yummy. I watched the one with the weird farmer that pops up towards the end. was pretty good as well.

you should show this video:

this is where i want to live

Andrea, that is the other one that pops up to click on at the end of the one he showed.

Really liked that part where they wanted to shut him down so he had it tested and the factory place was 100 times higher

@Chuck That's my favorite part of that video too. I love that guy! He really knows his stuff.

yeah, it's another clip from Food, Inc. Things like pasteurization, ammonia washes, preservatives, chemicals, fertilizers are just humanity's attempt at outsmarting nature. While obviously a lot of our inventions and advances have made us live longer, easier, cleaner lives, they're also hurting us. Milk from a random cow in my backyard (when i get one!) won't need to be pasteurized because the cow won't be standing in it's own poo. And my burger won't need to be washed because it just croaked in my yard, not in the factory 1,000 miles away. You know they say 1 burger from McDonalds can contain meat from 100+ different cows. WTF!?

Oh yes your cow will be standing in its own shit and so will farmer mike as he tries to pull some tit.

ok she will be in her own poo, but not knee deep in it or her sister's!

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