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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Don't Eat Dairy

We've all seen the adds...

But is all the "Milk is good for you" crap we've been fed all our lives really true?

Before I get into my rant on how milk is the devil, I have to clarify a couple things.
  1. I grew up on dairy farms.  My grandparents and parents were dairy farmers.  Their friends were dairy farmers.  My friends were dairy farmers.  The dairy farming culture is part of my blood.  As a kid I drank milk every day.  So telling you milk isn't really good for you is somewhat painful for me.  I would love to tell you it's the healthiest food in the world but that simply isn't true.
  2. Knowing all I know about milk, I still consume some dairy products; mostly cheese.  To me cheese is the Duct Tape of food.  Have a bad dinner?  Add cheese, it will fix it.
So why shouldn't we eat dairy?  Can you give me one example of a mammal that drinks another mammals milk?  Humans are the only ones I can think of... and maybe dogs and cats, but only when humans give it to them.

How about a mammal that drinks milk when full grown?  All mammals, other than humans, stop drinking milk when they reach a certain age.  So why do adult humans still drink milk?

Milk is fed to a mammal's young to help the young mammal grow.  Milk makes a young calf a big cow...
Milk does the same thing to our kids...

Farmers give cattle rBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone) in order to increase milk production.  This leads to an increase in IGF-1 (Insulin Growth Factor-1) which is found naturally in our bodies, but elevated levels are thought to be a concern for risk of cancer.  Click HERE for more information.

Milk also contains the protein Casein.  For most people Casein is not a bad thing, but there is some evidence that it can be a risk factor for cancer.  There is also a big portion of the population that is allergic to the protein.  Click HERE for more information.


I was drinking a big glass of milk while watching this video

"Cheese is the "duct tape" of food." I laughed so hard that I snorted when I read this. Im a vegetarian and it is sooooo true. "Cheese is the "duct tape" of food." I laughed so hard that I snorted when I read this. I’m a vegetarian and it is sooooo true.

At any rate, I found this very interesting, as I have never considered myself lactose intolerant; however, I recently stopped drinking milk when I learned of the horrors that occur on SOME dairy farms. Holy Cow!! (no pun intended)...after about two weeks of no dairy (other than a little cheese here and there), my lifetime of sinus issues disappeared, my eczema disappeared and my face lost its blotchiness. Don’t know if this is directly related to cutting dairy out of my diet but I believe there must be some correlation.

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