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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Balance Minimus Review

I LOVE minimal footwear. If I had it my way I would go barefoot all the time. That is why I wear VIBRAM FiveFingers when I work out. Other than working out barefoot they are the next best thing.

The problem I have is I can't go barefoot or wear VIBRAM FiveFingers when I train.

  1. Because my boss wouldn't let me go barefoot all day in the gym. I know... what's going to happen? I'm going to drop a weight on my foot? Go ahead and drop a weight on your foot with sneakers on and tell me the sneakers helped.
  2. Vibram FiveFingers get stinky after a while. I'm sure none of my clients want to smell my feet!
  3. If I wore Vibram FiveFingers all day I would be asked a bazillion times "what are those things on your feet?" I don't mind answering that question or discussing the risks and benefits of barefoot training, but I do need to get a job done.
So luckily I found NEW BALANCE MINIMUS shoes! YAY! Now I can have the comfort and function of being barefoot in a minimal shoe that doesn't look funny!

These things look pretty bad ass. I love the orange, especially living in Syracuse.

Not entirely New Balance's fault because I have a fat foot, but these things are too narrow. Not as bad as other minimal footwear I have tried on, but still too narrow for my feet.

The strap across the front of the shoe, which acts like a rubber band around your forefoot, was too tight. After wearing the shoes for a little over an hour I noticed my right knee started to ache. I decided to cut the strap (where circled) to relieve some of the tension. The cut alleviated the problem and I now have no issues with tightness in the forefoot.

The soles of the shoes are very nice. They are a bit narrow for me, but overall very comfortable. Very minimal heal lift, which is what you are looking for in a minimal shoe. What is the point of a heal lift? The Nike Shox Just might be the dumbest invention in footwear history! Oh, wait... I forgot about These! (Skechers Shape Ups)

The soles of the shoe have lots of nooks, crannies and divots which seem to give them nice traction. The only problem is gum gets stuck deep in the nooks and is a pain in the cranny to get out! (To member at Fitness Forum who left a chewed piece of gum on the gym floor)

I'm not sure why the toe box is angled slightly up. Doesn't seem to affect the comfort or function of the shoe, just doesn't seem to have any purpose.

At first, very uncomfortable! But after cutting the strap they are pretty comfy.

I like them; I don't love them. It pained me to cut a pair of shoes I just paid $100 for. They may feel better if they came in wider sizes, which New Balance does offer in other shoe styles, just not in the minimus shoe. If you have a normal width foot you should be fine with these shoes.

If you like minimal footwear then these are a good choice.


I always love the comfort and durability of New Balance shoes. However, I purchased NB barefoot minimus shoes, and they were much too small at the same size.

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