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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pullups Grip Variations

Why don't more people do pullups?  Because they are hard!  Be a big kid; do some pullups!

The pullup is one of the best exercises for upper body strength, power, flexibility and shoulder health.  There are four main grip variations you can use when doing pullups.  Practice all of them!

Pronated Grip                                                               Supinated Grip

Neutral Grip                                                         Alternate Grip

There are also many variations of pullups.  You can do strict pullups, kipping pullups, butterfly pullups, chest to bar pullups, towel pullups, 1 arm pullups, band assisted pullups...  Or any other variation you can come up with.

There are only two things I require when doing pullups.  Your arms must come to full extension at the bottom of the movement (your shoulders will be much healthier) and your chin must clear the pullup bar.

Here are a couple examples of how NOT to do your pullups.  HERE I counted 0 good repetitions.  His chin never went over the bar!  HERE I counted 0 good repetitions.  His arms never came to full extension!

Here are some good examples of how to perform a pullup...


I have been making all the practice to increase the strength for making more pull-ups that a normal person can do. Now I am having the stamina of making 20 pull-ups in single try.

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