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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Skechers Shape-ups for Kids!?!


I'm all for developing a product and making a buck. BUT SERIOUSLY!?! Skechers Shape-ups for Kids!?! REALLY!?!

I have already discussed my disdain for Skechers Shape-ups in a previous post, so you know I think they are one of the dumbest things in footwear history. You also know my love for going barefoot. So do yourself and your kids a favor and let them run around barefoot! You will save yourself some money and your kids feet will be much healthier.

"Research published in podiatry journal The Foot in 2007 suggests that structural and functional changes can result from the foot having to conform to the shape and constriction of a shoe, rather than being allowed to develop naturally. And the younger the foot, the greater the potential for damage."
DON'T BE FOOLED BY MARKETING! Why do people think they can make millions of years of evolutionary design (the human foot) better by placing it in a shoe?


and now they make vibrams and skele-toes for kids. all of these cost the same price and look goofy so might as well buy the good ones!

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