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Monday, June 20, 2011

My Favorite Question... Why?

"Why?"  An easy question to ask.  Kids love to ask it.  Many adults use it but fail to wait for the answer.  And many simply forget about it all together.

I think it is the most important question of all.  I try to ask myself this question whenever I do anything.  There should always be a reason for doing something.  Too many times people do something over and over and never ask themselves "why?".

A perfect example of this is people's diet.  I know many people that eat low fat, count their calories and eat "bad" foods in moderation.  They do this over and over again expecting to lose weight.  You know what?  It doesn't work for them!  What people need to do is ask themselves "why?".  Why am I eating low fat, counting my calories and eating "bad" foods in moderation?  Why is eating low fat, counting calories and eating "bad" foods in moderation not working for me?

Another example involving exercise.  I see many people come to the gym every day and do the same basic routine.  They hop on the elliptical for 20-30 minutes.  They do a couple sets of 10 on the chest press machine, some bicep curls in front of the mirror and finish off with a few hundred reps on the ab crunch machine.  What do they get for all their "effort"?  Not much.  It would serve them well to ask themselves "why?".  Why am I doing this routine?  Why is this routine not working for me?

I have been writing this blog for a few months now and it has forced me to do some self reflection.  I have posted many of my personal actions on this blog and have gotten many questions and comments about those actions.  After some self reflection, I decided to fully disclose my reasoning behind my actions...

  1. Why No Alcohol For One Year:  I posted about this personal challenge last Monday and was asked in comments "What is giving up alcohol going to help?".  I am giving up alcohol to help me on my quest to better fitness and to teach me better discipline.
  2. Why I Ate Organic For 1 Month:  I wanted to show it is possible to eat organic and not break the bank (success!).  I also wanted to see how it affected my health
  3. Why I Still Eat Organic:  Simply, because it's good for me!  Organic produce has a lot less chemicals than traditionally grown produce.  Grass fed beef is more nutritionally dense than grain fed beef and free range chickens and eggs are more nutritionally dense than traditionally raised chickens.
  4. Why I Compost:  I wrote about my composting a couple weeks ago.  After the post a lot of people assumed I am trying to save the planet.  Some of the things I do definitely help the environment and I am very happy for that.  But I must admit my actions have nothing to do with saving the environment.  I compost and eat organic because I want the most nutrient dense foods possible with as few chemicals as possible. 
  5. Why I Eat A Lot Of Fat:  This one is easy for me.  Because eating fat is good for me!  Since cutting out all processed foods from my diet and eating only completely natural foods, fat and all, I have lost a lot of weight and my overall fitness level has increased dramatically.  I have been eating organic chicken thighs, grass fed beef, pork, free range eggs and a lot of marrow stock (a ton of fat and other nutrients!).
  6. Why I Write This Blog:  To inform, educate and learn.  There is a lot of bad fitness information out there.  I feel it is my job to do research, find the truth and inform others.
Ask yourself "why" today.  Ask yourself why you don't eat breakfast and only have a cup of coffee.  Ask yourself why you are eating cold cuts for lunch.  Ask yourself why you are not working out today.


    good good! The hard part, listening and understanding the answer. Then, doing something about it!

    I had a fat kid ask me the other day why I was running? I wanted to answer, "so I don't look like you!" Instead, I just said, "because I enjoy it and want to stay in shape".

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