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Thursday, June 16, 2011


Imagine an exercise that works all these muscles...

Imagine an exercise that requires NO equipment.

Imagine an exercise that will improve your cardiorespiratory endurance faster than running.

Imagine an exercise that requires minimal floor space.  An exercise that may be the most functional movement you will ever do.  An exercise that will take you about 5 seconds to learn.

This super exercise is known as the Burpee!

Here's how you do it.

You can't get more functional than that!  You just lay down and stand back up!  It's that easy!

Here's a workout you can do anywhere that will jack your heart rate up much higher than running and requires no equipment.  100 Burpees for time.  Never done a burpee?  You may want to scale to 50 burpees, or even 30 burpees.  Whatever number you choose, be prepared to work hard!


would you suggest doing these once a day? If so, would 30 - 50 be a good amount to do each day?
They are kind of like squat thrusts. Only they have a push-up in the middle.

You could do them every day, but the burpee is just like any other exercise. It is a tool. It is one exercise to add to your arsenal. The more different exercises, or movements, you subject your body to the better.

For you chuck, I would recommend you do burpees on days you don't run. Pick a number and do them for time. Say 100 or 150 burpees. I would guess that would take you around 10-15min. It would be a short yet effective workout for you.

Or if you want a great challenge try the "100 burpee challenge". There are two ways of doing this challenge.
-100 Burpees a day for 100 consecutive days. I don't recommend this unless you are a fitness beast!
-1 Burpee on day 1... 2 Burpee's on day 2... 3 Burpee's on day 3... keep going up until you hit day 100.

i would say that chuck is a fitness beast. and when you give him a challenge, it's rare that he won't accept it! I think the 2nd type of burpee challenge is pretty cool, i kinda want to try it!

I havnt taken a day off running since February 28th so I guess I will have to do one of the challenges. Maybe start the first challenge and then once I reach 100 I can do 100 straight days of 100 :-)

I do em with knees to forhead between two push ups and a pull up at the top.

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