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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Eating Out at a Restaurant Should NOT Be An Excuse to Eat Poorly

Nor should a "special occasion" be an excuse to eat poorly.

Before starting my story I would like to give a quick overview of my dietary habits.  I eat only foods nature has provided.  This includes Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, Seeds and Meat.  If it can be picked or killed, I eat it!  NO man made foods.  NO processed foods.  No chemicals or preservatives. Only foods with one ingredient. 
Now to my story...

My wonderful mother in law (yes, I do like my mother in law!) and her significant other treated my wife and I to dinner Tuesday night in celebration of our 1st wedding anniversary.  Only 7 more years to go!  (haha, just kidding hunny!  Love you!)  We decided to go to Texas Roadhouse.

When they bring you to your table at Texas Roadhouse they give you a bucket of peanuts and a basket of bread with cinnamon butter.  This was our first opportunity to make the excuse "this is a special occasion!" and go for the bread.  I reached for the peanuts as the rest of the table reached for the bread.

The second excuse opportunity quickly arrived as our waitress asked us what we would like to drink.  "We have many types of beer, soda or mixed drinks."  I was pleasantly surprised that everybody at the table ordered water (with a slice of lemon).

Excuse opportunity #3:  "Would you like an appetizer today?  We have Baby Blossom, Cheese Fries, Boneless Buffalo Wings..."  No appetizers were ordered.  I continued munching on peanuts while the rest of the table (still pre-insulin dump) enjoyed their bread.

Now, what to order for dinner?  What a great time to make an excuse!  "I think I will have some pulled pork (made with high fructose corn syrup filled BBQ sauce!) and ribs (made with high fructose corn syrup filled BBQ sauce!) with french fries and a loaded sweet potato (loaded with marshmallows and caramel!)."  That would have been a delicious excuse filled dinner!  Instead I ordered the 20oz. Bone-In Ribeye with two sides of vegetables (broccoli and carrots).  The rest of the table ordered steak and kabobs (which I have nothing wrong with.  Lots of good meat and vegetables) with an assortment of french fries, loaded sweet potato and rice.

No deserts were ordered!  Whew, dodged that excuse!

So how did we feel after dinner?  I felt great!  I had a hard workout earlier in the day and was very hungry after work.  This meal satisfied my hunger and gave me enough energy for an early workout the next morning.  I slept well that night and never felt lethargic.

As for the others in the group that ate the insulin spiking bread, french fries and rice?  Well lets just say my wife was right when she said "I'm going to feel like sh*t after eating this" just before putting the bread in her mouth.


I feel like when I go out to eat I usually feel bad if I overeat, which I do at Texas Roadhouse every time. For example, I use to feel horrible after eating Mcdonald's but we went a couple days ago for lunch and I only had 12 nuggets, a couple fries, and a fruit smoothie and never felt lethargic or bad afterwords.

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