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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Make a Plan to Succeed

Are you working out or training?  There is a big difference between the two.

Working out:  This is what you do when you have no plan.  You come in to the gym, break a sweat (sometimes), and leave.

Training:  This is what people do when they are working toward something.  Football and basketball players train to get better at their sport.  People train for 5k road races and triathlons...

The problem is when you have someone with a specific goal but doesn't train, they just "work out".  If you have a specific goal you must have a designed training program with a purpose.  Lets say your goal is weight loss (a very popular goal).  You are going to have a hard time reaching this goal if you come to the gym to simply work out.  I am not saying it cannot be done, but you will have more success if you have a plan.

Mapping Out Your Training Plan:

  • Do Your Research:  It is important to find what works for you.  Talk to people in the gym that have had success.  There is always a handful of people in the gym that have lost 50lb or more.  Talk to these people.  They know what it is like and what you have to do to reach your goals.  See what type of program they are on and what they eat.
  • Plan Your Diet:  You are not going to lose weight unless you change your diet.  Go through your cupboards and throw out all the junk.  Make a list of healthy foods (fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, meat) and go shopping for the week.  Plan your meals ahead of time.  You should never get to lunch time and say "what am I going to have for lunch"... You should already have it planned!
  • Plan Your Workout Program:  A great easy way to do this is to hire a trainer!  Your trainer will take care of the planning for you and help motivate you!  I know a very good one (Me!).  Contact me if you are interested!  Otherwise, learn how to do some basic movements (squats, pullups, pushups, situps...) and learn how to progress properly.  Know what your workout is before you step foot in the gym.  Have a plan for the day.
If you want a change then you have to change your habits.  There is no magic pill that will make you lose weight.  There is no magic exercise that will get rid of your gut.  To make this change successful you must have a plan.


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