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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Never Eat In Moderation

This post is for all of you who are struggling with weight issues...

"Everything in moderation!"  I hear that phrase almost daily and it drives me bonkers!

Is it OK to smoke in moderation?  Is it OK for an alcoholic to drink in moderation?  Then why is it OK for an obese person to eat sh*t in moderation?

"But Mike, eating one slice of cake isn't going to kill me!"  Yes, you are right BUT...  Having "just one slice of toast" and "just one teaspoon of sugar in my coffee" and a 100 Calorie Snack Pack and "just one slice of cake" and "just one can of soda with dinner" WILL KILL YOU!

Look at all that moderation!  After a day of "having just a little bit" you are consuming over 100g carbohydrates, 60g of which is sugar and NO fiber!  This food has very little vitamins and minerals and only contributes to fat storage.

This type of eating is not uncommon.  People make the moderation excuse all the time.  It makes people feel better about themselves when they can place the blame somewhere else.  "But Mike! Woman's health, fitness, beauty, nail care magazine said everything in moderation is the healthy way to go!"  It is time to stop placing the blame elsewhere and making excuses.  It is time to take personal responsibility for the things you are putting into your body.

Another issue with "eating everything in moderation" is your personal view of moderation.  The term "moderation" is very subjective.  To me, having a slice of cake on your birthday, and only your birthday, is moderation.  Not having a slice of cake on every family member's and co-worker's birthday!  And why is bad food associated with every special occasion in our country?  Christmas cookies, Easter candy, Birthday Cake...

If you have a weight problem then you most likely have metabolic issues.  These issues are not going to be solved with simply counting calories.  You must change the types of foods you are eating.  You must stop eating refined carbohydrates like white breads, pasta and sugar.  These foods spike your blood sugar, which releases insulin which leads to fat storage.  These refined carbohydrates contain very little nutrients.  You must eat more, nutritionally dense, fruits, vegetables, nuts/seeds, and meat.  Eating these types of foods will control your blood sugar levels which will lead to decreased body fat and better overall health!

I tried eating in moderation and all it did was make me fat.  It wasn't until I decided to completely cut out sh*t food from my diet that I started seeing real results.  I weighed 235lb on January 1, 2011!  I now weigh 200lb, and am in perhaps the best health I have ever been in.  I stopped making excuses, and took responsibility for my own actions.  Now it is time for you to do the same!


those people need to understand moderation needs to be done one piece of junk food, not a moderation of all kinds of junk food. Also, for someone who works out and/or moves around a lot, eating is moderation isnt very bad at all. I do get your point though. These people need to stop making excuses and start making changes.

Moderation isn't the issue. it's the knowledge of a realistic definition of moderation!

I think people think they are cutting back, using moderation correctly, because knowledge on what is truly good for them is not there.

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