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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hotel or Dorm Workout

Going on a business trip?  Stuck in your dorm room studying?  Don't want to make a trip to the gym?  You can still get in a great workout!

Most people in these situations simply skip their workout and think "I'll just make it up tomorrow".  Be honest, do you ever make it up tomorrow?  Don't let yourself get behind in your workout schedule.  Get off your butt and do a quick workout!  You can do it in the room you are in right now.

Warm-up Exercise 1:  Squats
Great exercise to start with.  Squats get the heart pumping and loosen up the legs.  Knock out 10-20 of these to start off your warmup.

Warm-up Exercise 2:  Pushups
Now lets get some blood to the upper body.  Do 10-15 pushups.  Keep your pace nice and slow.  Work on technique rather than speed.

Warm-up Exercise 3:  Situps
10-20 situps should suffice to get the gut working a bit.

Now you are nice and warmed up... time to get to work!  Perform the following...

4 rounds as fast as you can of...

  • 20 Squats 
  • 15 Pushups 
  • 20 Situps 
  • 15 Burpees!

Give it a try.  It won't take long and you can do it anywhere!


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