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Friday, September 30, 2011

Reebok Refund

As my wife knows all too well, I love when I'm right!  A few months ago I wrote about my disdain for Skechers Shape Ups, and other shoes of the same ilk.  I pretty much discussed how all their claims of tighter buns and increased cardiac output were a bunch of BULL SH*T.  Guess what?  Recently this story hit the news...

Reebok paying to settle charges over shoe claims (article)

Reebok is essentially admitting their shoes do nothing to make you more fit, so they are giving consumers a refund.

This is fantastic news!  First, because this proves me right!  (there will be no living with me now!)  But more importantly because every fitness and health product should be held accountable for their advertisements and claims.  There are way too many "tiger repellent rock" fitness products being sold.  Take a look at any piece of fitness equipment being advertised.

"Wow, that dude in the advertisement is ripped!  The Shake Weight must really work!"  Punch me in the forehead!  Do you really think that guy got that body by using the Shake Weight?  Of course not!  He got that body by lifting heavy weights in the gym and eating a good diet.

A co-worker showed me this video.  He told me "The Free Flexor is the shake weights perverted cousin."  And, "you have to love how they make up terms... circular strength technology?  What the hell is that?!?"

"I don't know what I'm training for but I hope it never happens."  Well put Ellen, well put.

Don't believe marketing!  Every time you see an advertisement, remember they are trying to sell you their product.  Be skeptical.  There are plenty of good products on the market.  The trick is sifting through all the crap to find the gems.


I saw that in a paper at walmart and told becky about your disdain for them. I do however think if people fall for it then that is their problem. The companies can say whatever they want, its up to the consumer to decide if its true or not.

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