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Monday, October 24, 2011

Family Support

My wife and I tend to eat the same types of food.  Within the past couple years we have shifted our dietary habits from a lot of bread and pasta to primarily nutrient dense foods such as fruits and vegetables.  This shift would not have been possible if we were not in agreement to how we wanted to live our lives nutritionally.

To make a true change in your life, it is important to support one another in your household.  A recent study showed that family members of gastric-bypass patients also lost weight.  Family members' lost weight was due to increased nutritional knowledge within the family as a whole.  It also was due to the support family members gave one another.

It is not easy to make a life change.  I have found many people will try to force foods or drinks on me, knowing I am trying to adhere to a somewhat strict dietary plan.  "Just have one brownie.  One isn't going to hurt."  "You have to live a little bit, have a drink!"  "Why do you eat so weird?"  

I'm not sure why people do this?  Maybe it makes them feel better about themselves?  Maybe they do mean well but don't know any better?  If a family member or friend is trying to make a positive life change, do whatever you can to support them.  Change is not easy and people need as much support as they can get.

Some things you can do with your family to improve your nutritional habits:

  1. Go grocery shopping together
  2. Cook together: 
  3. Eat dinner together: 
  4. Try new foods together
  5. Make meaningful goals together
My wife and I have done these things the past few years and it has not only improved our health, but also strengthened our relationship.  We would never have been able to do these things if it weren't for the support we have given one another.

If someone you know is trying to make a positive change to their life, support them... Or better yet, join them.


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