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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Healthy Thanksgiving Meal

Most people think Thanksgiving is a day of gluttony.  I used to view this holiday the same way.  It was always an excuse to eat some of my "favorite" foods.  I would eat until I couldn't stuff another fork-full into my mouth.  I would go watch some football for an hour or two, then stuff myself again!

This year I am going to take a different approach to my Thanksgiving day.  Here is my plan for the day...

  • Breakfast:  Couple slices of bacon, a couple eggs, a grapefruit, a handful of sunflower seeds and a few almonds.  This is a pretty typical breakfast for me.  In years past I would not eat breakfast in order to "save room" for the big meal ahead!
  • Appetizers:  We are eating our Thanksgiving day meal at 2:00.  This means I will have around a 6 hour window between breakfast and my next meal.  I will undoubtedly consume some shrimp and olives to hold me over.
  • Thanksgiving Dinner:  I'm going to keep it simple this year.  Turkey (dark meat of course!).  Sweet potatoes.  Maybe some squash.  And I'll pick some oysters out of the oyster stuffing my mother makes.
  • Dinner:  I will most likely have some leftover turkey with some vegetables.
I will leave the stuffing and pie for everybody else.  Pretty easy way to have a healthy Thanksgiving day meal!  Don't use Thanksgiving as an excuse for gluttony.  Use the day to spend quality time with loved ones.


Any taste of jello stuff?

what about bacon-wrapped scallops??

@kt No jello stuff this year!

@wife Who's making bacon-wrapped scallops? Sounds good!

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