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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nutrition Update...

A couple weeks ago I wrote a post called Nutritional flick to the forehead!  I discussed how there are three aspects of nutrition you must consider when trying for the perfect diet.

  1. Food Amount
  2. Food Type
  3. Food Timing
In that post I said I would "dedicate more effort toward improving my "Food Amount".  I spend time planning out my workouts and what foods I eat; why not start planning out how much food I should eat?  Looking back on my Nutrition & Workout Log I noticed I have been consuming an average of about 2500 Calories a day with a lot of fluctuation.  One day I will consume 1700 Calories; the next I will consume 2900 Calories.  I have decided to pre-plan my meals the day before and consume a total of 2000-2200 Calories a day.  I want to lower my total caloric intake and also make my caloric intake more consistent.  I am also going to focus more on food timing.  I will consume certain foods, such as nuts and fish, on a daily basis as well as consuming a good post-workout meal after every workout (includes carbohydrates, fats and a complete protein)."

For the past couple weeks I have done just that.  I have consumed an average of 2088 calories.  I have eaten nuts and fish every day.  I have consumed a good post-workout meal after every workout.  What do I have to show for these efforts?

I am down to 195lbs! (down from 200lb).  My recovery from workouts seems to be improved, and I am continually getting faster in my workouts.  Concentrating on all three aspects of nutrition has helped me get over the dreaded plateau.  If you have hit a fitness plateau maybe it is time for you to take a look at your nutrition.


nice job Mike! What weight are you trying to eventually reach?

Thanks Chuck. I don't have a goal weight. I am just trying to get as lean as possible for the Crossfit Open. The less extra weight I am carrying the better.

Thank you so much fro the informative blog!!

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