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Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Week

Today is the beginning of a crazy week.  Most of us have the day off on Thursday for Thanksgiving.  If you are traveling this week to see family, please be careful!  If you haven't bought your turkey yet, good luck!  Wegmans, or any other grocery store for that matter, will be a crazy house this week with last minute shoppers!

Many people will use this week as an excuse to get lazy with their exercise and diet routines.  Please don't let this happen!  Thanksgiving is one day.  I am not going to try and convince everybody to not eat pumpkin and apple pie on Thursday, but don't use that one day as an excuse to not continue working out and eating well every other day this week.

I will be hitting my workouts extra hard the next couple days.  I will not be working out on Thanksgiving so I am going to push myself as hard as possible for the next three days.  I will be treating Thanksgiving as a recovery day.  I recommend you do the same.  Work out as hard as possible today through Wednesday, then use Thursday as a recovery day.

Staying on track during holiday weeks can be hard.  Don't let the holiday schedule throw you off the wagon.


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