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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Workout Demo: Crossfit's "Grace"

This is one of my favorite workouts.  It is simple in its design yet one of the most difficult workouts I have ever done.

To me, this is one of the best tests of fitness.  135lbs... Ground to over head... 30 repetitions... how fast can you get the work done?  It is that simple.

This workout is one of the classic Crossfit workouts.  The better you get, the stronger you get, the faster you get, the harder it is.

Scaling this workout is pretty simple.  Use less weight.  If you are not familiar with the clean & jerk, use this workout as practice.  You don't have to use a bar for this workout.  I have had clients do this workout with a heavy medicine ball.  I have performed this workout with a sandbag.  As I said above, this workout is very simple in its design.  Simply take a weight from the ground and put it over head 30 times.

Have fun!


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