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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Workout Demo: GHD Situps and Muscle-Ups

GHD Situps:
This is a very advanced movement and should not be done for high repetitions until you develop the capacity, over time, to handle high volume.  When performing this movement it is very important to aggressively extend the knee joint in order to "throw yourself up" from the bottom position.  This aggressive knee extension will keep forces away from the lumbar spine and place them on bigger muscle groups such as the glutes and hamstrings (GHD: Glute Ham Developer).

GHD Situp Modifications:

  • GHD Situps, going to horizontal:  The standard for the GHD situps is reaching back to touch the floor.  If you don't have the capacity to accomplish this you can go back to where you feel comfortable then sit up.  Over time you will develop the strength to accomplish the full movement.
  • Situps on Floor
This is another very advanced movement.  One which I still struggle with (as you can see in the video).  The muscle-up requires a lot of strength and coordination.  Once the capacity is developed to perform the muscle-up, the two cues I would give are to keep your elbows tucked in and be aggressive!

Muscle-Up Modifications:
  • Band Assisted Muscle-Ups
  • Jumping Muscle-Ups
  • Pullups with Dips
  • Modified Pullups with Modified Dips
Workout Strategy:
If you are strong at both these movements, then simply move fast!  I struggle with muscle-ups so I went as fast as I could through the GHD situps while just trying to not have failed repetitions on the muscle-ups.  If you don't have the capacity to perform either of these movements, I would treat this workout as a strength workout.  Use your time to work on these movements so you can accomplish this workout down the road.

Have Fun!


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