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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Workout Demo: Kb Snatch and Pullups

Kb Snatch:
The Kb Snatch is a highly skilled movement.  It is common for beginners to let the bell flop over at the top and smack into the forearm.  With a little practice this movement becomes much more comfortable.

Kb Snatch Modifications:

  • 1 Arm Kb High Pull
  • 1 Arm Kb Swing
  • 2 Arm Kb Swing
This workout is done for time so I did kipping pullups (read more about the kipping pullup here).

Kipping Pullup Modifications:
  • Strict Pullups
  • Band Assisted Pullups
  • Inverted Rows
  • Lawnmowers (Dumbbell Rows)
Tips on how to perform workout:
This is a short workout, so keep the pace high.  There is no need to pace yourself.  Try to get the work done as fast as you can.  But, like always, make sure your form is good.  The last thing you want is to go fast and sloppy.  This is how injuries happen!

Have fun!


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