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Friday, December 2, 2011

10K Run

I am going to run 10K today.  That is 6.2 miles for those of you unfamiliar with the metric system.  I am not running a race.  I am not doing it for charity.  This run is simply part of my training.

If you don't know me very well, there is something you should know.  I... HATE... RUNNING!

I can handle short distances.  400m, 800m, 1 mile; no problem.  When we start getting into the 3 mile + range, that's where I start having issues.

I have two main issues when running long distance...

The First Issue: My right knee sometimes hurts while running long distance.  I hurt my knee when I was a teenager.  It doesn't hurt 99% of the time, but sometimes during long runs I will get a shooting pain which forces me to stop the run.  This usually occurs when running down a steep hill.  So for this run I will be doing it on a track.  Hopefully this will prevent any knee pain.

The Second Issue:  Mental!  I have no problem with long workouts.  I have done plenty of 40+ minute workouts.  Crossfit's "Murph", "Carse", and "Small" all took me well over 40 minutes.  But those workouts had multiple movements.  Running a 10K, to me, is boring because you are repeating the same movement for a very long time!  This is very mentally challenging for me.

That second issue is precisely why this workout is very important to my training.  I need to overcome that mental obstacle.  Overcoming mental obstacles like these is a better training adaptation than any physical adaptation you get from training.  Working on what you struggle with not only makes you stronger physically, but also makes you stronger mentally.

What is your mental obstacle?  I will give an update after my run and tell you if I was successful. 


what charity is this for? you can do it anywhere you want? Good luck...just make up a fantasy story in your head while you run (like saving the world or being a superstar athlete) to take your mind off the running.

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