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Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Season Eating Tip

Don't eat a bunch of sugary crap!

This holiday season you will encounter a lot of holiday "treats" such as...

sugar cookies:

Buckeye Balls:

and Peanut Brittle:
"Eat these foods in moderation this holiday season"

Bull Shit!  Don't eat these foods at all this holiday season!

"But Mike, it's rude to not eat a cookie if it's offered to me at a holiday party!"

I am sure your host will respect your desires to consume healthy foods throughout the holiday season and not sugar-loaded, obesity and diabetes causing, cookies!  If I am wrong, and you are viewed as being rude, then I would rather be rude and healthy than polite and a fat ass!

"But Mike, it's the holiday season, I don't get to have these treats the rest of the year!"

That's what I heard last New Year, and during the Super Bowl, and on Valentines day, and on Easter, and on your birthday, and on the 4th of July, and on Thanksgiving, and last Holiday Season...  There is always a holiday or special occasion.  That's no excuse to stuff your face!

Don't use the holiday season as an excuse to put your goals on hold.  I've made this mistake in the past.  Last year I gained 10lbs in the month of December!  I barely worked out.  I ate a lot of cookies and fried food.  I felt terrible!  It was not worth it!  Don't let that happen to you!


I'm gonna go ahead and disagree with you here. A homemade sugar cookie at a lunchtime office party is not going to destroy your body composition, derail three days of exercise, give you diabetes and lead to obesity. Go ahead and have one without guilt, but make it a good one.

What really hurts is going to be addictive eating (once you pop you can't stop!), and to some extent probably placement in your day. Heck, if you eat one 10 minutes before your workout, you'll even have a little carb boost.

What would hurt more is sitting by being miserable while everyone else looks so happy; the stress hormones from feeling left out are going to make your workouts suck, you won't sleep well, and eventually you might just give into emotional eating.

If you can leave the sugar alone, do so, but if you can't, better to enjoy a little than stress out about none -- and potentially slide into more habitual crappy eating.

I am glad you gave an apposing viewpoint. I am sure a lot of people are thinking the same thing as you after reading my post.

As you said, "A homemade sugar cookie... is not going to destroy your body composition..." I agree that "A" (singular) sugar cookie is not going to destroy your attempts to reach your fitness goals. How many people do you know that will eat just "A" sugar cookie? I am sure there are plenty of people that do have just one. These people, most likely, have good body composition and are very healthy.

For people like myself, who struggle with the hormone spikes brought on by consuming high glycemic foods, staying away from holiday "treats" altogether is the best option. By consuming "just one" cookie I am opening up the door to many more cookies.

It really comes down to the individual. If you are a healthy person and want to have a cookie; go for it. If you are like 30% (obesity rate) of people in the United States (much more than 30% are over weight!), then stay away from the cookie. It is not worth it!

Also, I don't believe not eating sugar at a holiday party is going to cause that much stress. You should feel good about yourself for not partaking in unhealthy habits.

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