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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Please read the following...

How to Interpret Cholesterol Test Results (click link to view article)

The link above will bring you to a very well written blog post from  I want all my clients, family and friends to read this post.

It is important to not take the results from one test, or "cholesterol snapshot", and make life/health changing decisions.  While reading this post I thought of my brother.  He got his cholesterol checked.  It was high.  The doctor wanted to prescribe him statins.  Instead of taking a drug he cleaned up his diet and started exercising more!

The best way to get healthy is not to take a prescription.  The best way to get healthy is to be proactive.  Clean up your diet and be active.  And always, eat your vegetables!


that was right. statin drugs is not the solution. proper diet and exercise is the best solution for me. those health experts saying it' can't be done by just proper diet and exercise are puppets and they got a big paycheck coming from big pharmas.

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