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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Workout Demo: Crossfit's "Elizabeth"

This is a classic Crossfit workout.  2 exercises; squat cleans and ring dips.  You perform 21 repetitions of each exercise, then 15 repetitions then 9 repetitions.  The prescribed weight for the cleans is 135lbs.


  1. Use lighter weight for the cleans.
  2. If you are new to the clean exercise, you can do medicine ball cleans to practice your technique.
  3. Band assisted ring dips.  Using a band will make the movement a bit easier but you will still get the affect of being on the rings.
  4. Bar dips.  If the rings are new to you, you can perform dips on the bar.
  5. Pushups.  If dips bother your shoulders, or you don't have the capacity to perform a dip, you can perform another pressing exercise instead.
P.S.  That's Dan (9th place finish in the 2012 Crossfit Northeast Regional!) performing 440lb deadlifts in the background!


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