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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pregnant + CrossFit = BAD-ASS!!!

Julie Martin participated in the final round of the WNY Hammerhead Crossfit Challenge this past weekend (February 11, 2012).  Julie finished in 12th place.

The workout consisted of 12 Clean & Jerks with 65 pounds, a 25 yard sprint and a 25 yard bear crawl.  Julie could easily have competed in the division 1 workouts if not for her current condition.  Julie may have finished top 5 in this workout, instead of 12th, if not for her current condition.

What is Julie's current condition?  She's not sick...  She's not injured...

She is 6 months pregnant!

There are a lot of health professionals who would deem what Julie did this past weekend "crazy".  There are others who believe it is a great way to stay healthy through a pregnancy, both for the mother and baby.

Julie is very educated on the subject and was willing to share some of her knowledge with us...

Julie Martin's Credentials
  • She has been CrossFitting for 2 years.
  • Bachelors Degree in Fitness Development
  • Level 1 Certified Crossfit Trainer and coaches others
2nd Trimester, and beyond, Exercise Recommendations (From Julie Martin Interview)
  • "don't lie on your back for a long period of time"
  • "Limit lying on your belly"
  • "Inverted positions, like handstand pushups, modify it to shoulder presses"
  • "Start limiting heavy weight"
  • Switch to kettlebells" for certain movements to center the weight
  • "For cleans we do hang cleans to limit how far we're squatting"
  • A lot of times you have to go by how you feel?  - "Absolutely.  One day I might be able to do box jumps, the next step-ups is what's appropriate for me"
Julie highly recommends visiting where they modify the main site workout of the day for "Advanced", "Intermediate", and "Beginner" athletes.  "At they don't worry about for time or as fast as you can go.  It's all about just doing it.  Take as long as you need to, and do it." 

Heart Rate Recommendations:
"The old school research says don't let your heart rate get above 140 (beats per minute).  I couldn't believe that because I could walk on the treadmill and get it to 140, and I would be bored out of my mind!  I talked to another OB-GYN and they said just go with how you feel."
  • "If you're feeling dizzy, starting to see stars... You need to slow it down!"
  • "Dizziness, seeing stars, faint, starting to feel nauseous, spotting... You have to be aware of those things"
  • "Go with what you feel comfortable with"
"It's not just you working out, it's you and your baby."

Nutrition Recommendations:
  • "I eat more fruit... because I can now"
  • "I try to eat a little bit more fat, so I'll eat nuts for snacks"
  • "Lots of water"
  • "I haven't changed (my diet) much because 200-300 calories isn't that much more than maybe a handful or two more of nuts a day"
Julie's dedication and passion for fitness is palpable.  Talking with her and watching her perform was very inspirational.  Thank you Julie for sharing your knowledge and inspiring us!


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