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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Crossfit Level 1 Trainer Course

I attended the Crossfit Level 1 Trainer Course this past weekend at Crossfit New England in Natick MA.  To put it simply; the experience was amazing!  The coaching was phenomenal, the lectures were very informative, the workouts were fun and the instructors were very helpful with any questions we may have had.

A lot of great people!
There's my head!
I have been wanting to get my Crossfit Level 1 Trainer designation for a few years, but could never justify spending $1000 for a one weekend course.  I finally decided to bite the bullet and do it.  I paid for most of it with money I received from family and friends during the holidays (thank you everybody!).  After attending the course I must say it was worth every penny!  The coaching cues and techniques I learned throughout the weekend are invaluable.  I believe everybody, whether you are a Crossfitter or not, would benefit from attending this weekend course.  I only wish it was more affordable so more people could have the experience.  (I want to emphasize that I only wish it was less money so more people can afford to go.  I am not diminishing the value of the course.  Again, it was worth every penny of the $1000.)

The number one thing I took away from this course was the idea of Virtuosity.  Crossfit defines Virtuosity as "Performing the common uncommonly well".  People tend to become content when they think they are good at something.  But is just good good enough?  Shouldn't we all work to become even better?  We need to hold ourselves to higher standards.

Virtuosity: "Performing the common uncommonly well"

My squat is very good.  I keep a good lumbar curve, I get good depth and I can move through a lot of repetitions relatively quickly.  But is my squat perfect?  NO!  My torso dips forward slightly, especially when I get fatigued or when the weight I am lifting is heavy.  We get too caught up in doing the fun stuff in the gym.  We all want to lift heavy weights, do double-unders, do muscle-ups, etc.  We forget that perfecting the basics, like the squat, will make us better at the more advanced stuff.

Next time you train, spend some extra time on the basics.  Work on becoming virtuous.


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