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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wood Gymnastics Rings:

A while back I posted instructions on how to make wood gymnastics rings.  VIEW POST HERE!  My first pair of wood gymnastics rings were pretty rough.  The handles were very thick and the grip was pretty rugged.  Since then I purchased a router, which made rounding the edges of the rings much easier.  I have made two more sets of rings since then.  I spent a lot of time on one set (a lot of sanding!) and they came out much nicer.  They are very smooth, durable and have a great feel.

I recently received a pair of wood gymnastics rings from  These rings are great!  They are very smooth, have a great feel and seem to be very durable.  Last July, when I made my first pair of rings, I could not do a single muscle-up.  When I received my pair of rings from the other day, I did 30 muscle-ups for time (a workout from

The new rings were great!  The new rings had a better feel than the homemade version.  The homemade rings are a little "bumpy".  The new rings are very smooth and symmetrical all around the ring.

My only knock on the rings is the length of the straps.  The rings come with a standard 15' strap, which means they will hang down around 7'.  Our rafters, where we hang our rings from, are around 15' high.  This isn't an issue when doing muscle-ups, but we are unable to lower them far enough to do ring push-ups.  The straps are very easy to adjust (much quicker than the straps I have used in the past), which is very nice!

The best thing about the wood gymnastics rings is the price.  $69 for a set of wood rings!  With free shipping!  I have not found a better price on the web.  If you have seen a better price let me know.  I am always looking for a bargain!

The rings are definitely better than the homemade variety.  You will save a few bucks if you make your own, but you will spend a lot of time (and I mean a LOT OF TIME!) sanding the rings to make them perfect.  You may be better off spending a few extra bucks and purchase a pair of nice wood rings.  If you take care of them (don't leave them out in the rain!) they will last you a very long time.

A special thanks to Alex from for sending me the wood gymnastics rings.  


The options are truly endless, with numerous variations on each exercise, but here are a few:
Push-ups, Pull-ups, Dips, Rows, Muscle Ups,And many more!

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