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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


You may have noticed I haven't been updating the blog recently.  My personal training schedule has been very busy lately and it has become hard to dedicate the time to update the blog on a daily basis.  Because of this I am currently in the process of making some changes to the website.  Hopefully these changes will be complete within the next couple weeks.  The changes will make the website an overall better resource for health and fitness information.  Please stay tuned...

I have also made some changes to my training recently.  I have started following "The Outlaw Way".  My goal is to make the Crossfit North-East Regionals next year.  Visit my Workout Log to follow my progress.  The following list, copied from "The Outlaw Way" website, shows just how effective coach Rudy Nielsen's programming is.

Outlaws currently qualified for the Games:
-Elisabeth Akinwale – 1st place, North Central
-Talayna Fortunato – 1st place, Southeast
-Christen Wagner – 1st place, Asia
-Rika Diederiks – 1st place, Africa
-Brandon Phillips – 2nd place, Southeast
-Jason Hoggan – 2nd place, South Central
-Patrick Burke – 2nd place, Southwest
-Candice Ruiz – 2nd place, South Central
-Justin Allen – 3rd place, North Central
-CrossFit 7 Mile – 1st place, Latin America
-CrossFit CDR – 2nd place, SoCal
-CrossFit Central – 3rd place, South Central

That list is through four weeks of regional competition.  There is one more week to go, which means even more "Outlaws" could be headed to the games.

Speaking of one more week of regionals...  Beginning Friday, May 25, my co-worker and very good friend Dan Goldberg will be competing in the North-East Regional.  There was recently an article posted on the Crossfit Games website which discussed Dan's training...

Click Picture to View Article
Andrea and I, as well as Dan's family and some close friends, will be making the trip this coming weekend to watch Dan compete.  CLICK HERE to see how you can follow the action.


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