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Monday, June 25, 2012

Binghamton's Fittest Competition

This past Saturday, June 23, Andrea (my lovely wife), Stephanie (a great client) and I participated in "Binghamton's Fittest" competition at Binghamton Crossfit.  I could not be more proud of Andrea and Stephanie.  They both worked very hard, which makes me proud as a husband and friend, and demonstrated great form on all the movements during the competition, which makes me proud as a trainer!

Andrea and Stephanie pushing hard!
Andrea pushing to the finish!
The look on my face says it all!
Burpees...Deadlifts...Box Jumps...Pullups...10minutes!
Julie and David Martin with Andrea and myself.
Julie Martin, 3 weeks postpartum... 3rd place!
About 6 months ago we interviewed Julie about doing Crossfit while pregnant.  Now she has a beautiful little girl with her husband David and is still kicking ass at Crossfit competitions!


Way to go Big Mike!! I love the pics and the new website design! Keep on crossfitting and move to Caz already!

Looking a workout videos and exercise plans like this makes me want to finally get a personal training in Perth. The vibes are all positive and enigmatic once there are people who inspire you.

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