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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Andrea, and my future child, kicking ass!

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 Here's a small sample of my pregnant wife performing some movements.  I want to show how a woman can modify some movements to make them more comfortable during a pregnancy.

Deadlift:  Use a kettlebell instead of a bar.  The weight is more centered so the baby doesn't get in the way.
Dumbbells:  Using dumbbells for certain lifts can be more comfortable.  It can be uncomfortable lifting a bar around a baby belly.

Row:  I just wanted to show Andrea a clip of herself rowing.  (Seeing yourself move is a great way to work on technique.)  She needs to reset her arms before she begins her return to the catch position.  She could also open up her hips a bit more.  These are very common flaws with novice rowers.  Do you have these issues when rowing?

P.S.  My wife is BAD ASS!!!


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