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Monday, August 20, 2012

Pregnant Diet

Doughnuts, pizza, pasta, chicken fingers, french fries.  Pregnant?  Go for it!  Eat whatever you want!

"You're pregnant, you can eat whatever you want!"

"You're pregnant, you can let yourself go!"

I have heard those statements told to my wife numerous times.  Apparently, since a pregnant woman is going to gain 30lb of baby weight anyway, she may as well gain another 20-25lbs!  It seems to be OK, in our society, for a pregnant woman to eat highly processed, high calorie, low nutrient foods during a pregnancy.  How you look seems to be the most important thing, not the health of the mother and baby!  Why not gain 20-25lbs extra fat when you are pregnant?  Pregnant women are "fat" anyway, right?  A pregnant women will have plenty of time to lose that weight after they give birth!  Might as well "let yourself go"!

BULL SHIT!!!  You are what you eat... and your BABY is what YOU EAT!  A baby gets its nutrients from the mother.  The mother gets nutrients from food.  The mother eats low nutrient food, the baby doesn't get enough nutrients.  The mother eats highly processed food, the baby gets a dose of all the chemicals and preservatives in that food.

We need to stop thinking about the number on the scale and start thinking about health!  Are pregnant women fat?  NO!  They are friggin pregnant!  They aren't fat!  Being pregnant isn't an excuse to eat a bunch of shit and gain a bunch of weight.  It should be a time to think about the health and development of the child.  A pregnant mother should eat nutrient dense, all natural, organic foods.  The baby will get all the nutrients it needs to develop properly. 


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