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Saturday, September 15, 2012


Many of you know, but some may not - my last day at Fitness Forum is today Saturday 9/15/12. As of Tuesday 9/18, I will be moving on to be a CrossFit Coach at a brand new CrossFit facility in the area: CrossFit Syracuse! My good friend Dan Goldberg is the co-owner/head trainer, and has assembled a fantastic group of very highly skilled and respected trainers in the area. CrossFit has become a true passion of mine and I couldn't be more honored to join the CFS team. To be able to take my career and mix it with my passion is truly a dream come true.  For all of my clients past and present: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you, it's been a pleasure helping you to reach your health and fitness goals. Let me take this opportunity to invite each and every one of you to the CFS open house on 9/18.  I will be offering personal training just like I have been for the past 7 years, as well as teaching several CrossFit group classes each day.  In this new facility we will be able to take everyone's training to the next level by utilizing a much larger workout space, as well as a lot more equipment choices.  Head to the CFS website for more information or feel free to contact me with any specific questions. 

Whether you're familiar with it or curious about CrossFit - Come check us out! We have scheduled a casual open house for Tuesday, September 18th from 12pm – 9pm. Located at 3030 Erie Blvd (corner of Thompson Rd) beside the old liquor square location on Headson Dr. Please stop by to check out our new box, meet our staff, and sign up for a membership! Assuming we finish construction and receive our equipment on schedule, we plan to begin personal training and regular classes later that week. We can’t wait to welcome you to our gym!


Congrats Mike, I know it been a dream of yours for some time now. You are truly an inspiration to me, to live out my dreams.

When will the t-shirts be available? i want to buy one!

You've made me feel like a million bucks by not fearing to go forward with your dream. I'm happy for you.

That’s really good Mike, congratulations on your success. I might not be a part of your conversation but it makes me feel good when someone gets the good opportunity, I’m also working on my dream of becoming a trainer. Since school time I was really conscious about body building and this have taken me to the desire of becoming a personal trainer now. Have you done any Certification course? I got the certification courses details from the Website of personal training courses. I believe they are providing good courses.

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