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Sunday, December 23, 2012

"The WOD Before Christmas"

"The WOD Before Christmas" - by Pat Vinette

T'was the night before Christmas, at CrossFit Syracuse
Not one athlete in sight, not one foam-roll in use.
The kettle bells were separated by weight and colored label with care,
So the right one could be used, no injuries to muscles of strain or tear.

The athletes and coaches were nestled all snug in their beds,
With visions of challenging WOD ideas dancing through their heads.
Pleasant dreams of everyone chalking up their blistered and sore hands.
Preparing and hanging up their colored pull-up assistance bands.

The box was all but silent, only thing heard was the beep from the clock.
When suddenly, the glass doors of C.F.S were magically turned to unlock.
He soon walked in as fast as a double-under, yes, that quick.
Who am I talking about, you may ask? Who else, but good old St. Nick?

The bearded old man looked all around with such a powerful stare.
Glanced to his left and walked gracefully to the desk with the big chair.
He hopped on Ellen's laptop, very discretely and quiet.
With hopes to find information about starting a new Paleo diet.

Sitting with a smile, St. Nick's inspiration quickly soared.
Especially after glancing at the big white WOD board.
St. Nick was ready to work out, but he felt nervous and way too tight.
So he called on the C.F.S coaches to make sure he did things right.

"Now, Dan! Now, Travis! Also now, Ellen!
"On, Mike! On, Rob! On, Brian and, Colin!"
All appearing at once they knew their guest didn't mean to invade or intrude.
Especially since St. Nick was decked out in clothes by C.F.S and 2POOD.

The WOD for that night seemed challenging and legit.
But he knew that his new coaches, wouldn't let him quit.
He fought to finish every burpee, push-press, and his toes to bar.
Knowing that the time to rest was coming soon and not too far.

He finished the AMRAP, so tired, his sweat pouring.
But the thought of his good round results, put his spirits high soaring.
The pain from his warm-up dead-lifts was not at all exceeding.
As St. Nick looked down, he swelled with pride, his legs ALSO were bleeding.

He thanked all the coaches, his face red, but wide smiling.
If he said he hated CrossFit that night, we'd all know he was lying.
St. Nick went to the board, wrote his time and his name.
He promised his coaches that next time his results won't be the same.

St. Nick forgot his wallet, no money to pay for his night class.
Everyone insisted he could have a free pass.
He politely declined and said, “For your work tonight I'll make you all a deal."
"Christmas Day, every member and coach can enjoy an additional cheat meal."

St. Nick knew his experience at C.F.S could not be simply measured.
He thanked all of the coaches again, with high joy and much pleasure.
While flying with Rudolph, the jolly old man felt happy, stronger and bright.
He shouted loudly for the world to hear, "Merry Christmas, CrossFit Syracuse, and have a good night!"


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