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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

WNY Hammerhead CrossFit Challenge - Buffalo Event Workout Tips

I just did all the workouts for the Buffalo event coming up this weekend.  Here's a couple tips on each workout...

Event 1:
As many reps as possible in seven minutes of:
185/115 pound Clean and Jerk 1 rep
1 Muscle-up
185/115 pound Clean and Jerk 2 reps
2 Muscle-ups
185/115 pound Clean and Jerk 3 reps
3 Muscle-up
185/115 pound Clean and Jerk 4 reps
4 Muscle-ups

Break up the Cleans early.  Your grip is the deciding factor in this workout.  Doing touch and go reps early in this workout will not save you much time.  You are better off saving your grip and stringing as many muscle-ups together as you can.

Event 2:
Front Squat Ladder
A series of eight bars of increasing weight. Athletes have 30 seconds at each bar to complete 1 rep. If rep is missed athlete has the rest of the 30 seconds to complete max reps box jumps.

Mens Weights
Womens Weights

You know how strong you are.  The 30 seconds goes by very fast.  So get your light squats done quick to give yourself some rest.  Give yourself a little extra time for the heavier sets.  If you know your max point, don't spend a ton of time trying to get a PR.  Get to the box jumps fast!

Workout 3:
For time:
20 Kettlebell snatches each arm
40 Double unders
15 Kettlebell snatches each arm
30 Double unders
10 Kettlebell snatches each arm
20 Double unders

Don't rush the double unders.  Get them unbroken.

Not sure what the standard on the Snatches will be.  I did a bunch of variations for this workout.  The Kettlebell Swing variation is definitely the easiest.  Having to bring the bell to the ground every time is very awkward.

Bring the bell to your shoulder before lowering it to start the next snatch.  Letting it drop from overhead is going to burn out your forearms very quickly.  Grip fatigue and shoulder stability will be the determining factor for this workout.


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