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Monday, January 26, 2015

MOTIVATION MONDAY: "Fittest On Headson"

Athletes and volunteers
This past weekend we had our first in-house "Functional Fitness" competition at CrossFit Syracuse.

It was a great event.  It was great to see so many great people put their athletic abilities on display.  Every day I see these people competing with others, and themselves, to  simply better themselves.  It was very exiting to see these improvements put on display in a competition setting.

Congratulations to Dawn Basciani and Pat Commeret for being the "Fittest On Headson".  These two did very well in all three events to take home the crowns.  I would also like to congratulate every single one of the participants.  Especially the people who competed in their first competition.

Doing a "functional fitness" competition can be very intimidating.  It's one thing to work out in a class with people you know and feel comfortable with.  It is a different feeling to do a work out in a competition.  That is why this event was such a great idea.  It gave people a chance to compete along side people they knew and felt comfortable with.  People performed better than they expected and did things they weren't sure they could do.  This is a great confidence booster that hopefully will lead to more competition participation in the future.

If you are at all interested in competing, get out there and sign up for a competition now.  Don't be intimidated or fearful.  You may be nervous before the competition, but you will be happy you did it and I'm sure you will quickly sign up for your second competition. 
1st: Dawn, 2nd: Bonnie, 3rd: Kayleen
1st: Pat, 2nd: Rich, 3rd: Ben

Great support from everyone in attendance!
Chase watching two of our best athletes.  Couldn't ask for better role models!


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