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Monday, January 19, 2015


Chase helping dad shovel.
We have a unique opportunity here in Syracuse.  During the winter months, we can get a kick ass workout without leaving our driveway!  All we need is a shovel!

You guessed it.  Shoveling your own driveway!  In December, when we got our first big snowfall, it took me over an hour to shovel my driveway.  The snow was wet and heavy.  It felt like I just finished a marathon training session when I was done.

My plan is to some day be that 90 year old guy in the neighborhood that's still out there shoveling his driveway.

So get out there and shovel.  It's a great workout!

Disclaimer:  If you are over 50, and haven't done much physical activity in 30 years, you may not want to shovel heavy snow in the cold.  Your heart may not be able to take it... But you can contact a good personal trainer to help you get that heart healthy so you can do some shoveling next winter!


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