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Thursday, January 22, 2015


When a client pays you for your personal training, they are paying you for multiple things.  They are paying you for your knowledge, experience and motivation.  They are also paying you for your service.

Personal training is a service business.  This means it is your job to load, and unload, the bar for a client.  It is your job to get the equipment needed for their workout.  It is your responsibility to make sure the bench is clean before they use it, and to clean it after they are done.  It is your responsibility to ensure your client has a safe area to exercise in.

There are definitely exceptions to some of the services mentioned above.  If you have a client who is training to compete, you want to mimic competition circumstances as closely as possible.  If they are training for a "Functional Fitness" competition, you should make them always change their own weights.  Many events require you to change your own weights on your bar.  Your client should be able to quickly strip and load the barbell.  They should also be able to quickly identify how much load is on the bar, or what weights they need to quickly load the bar to the desired weight.  By not providing this specific service, you are better preparing your client for their goal.

Every client is different.  Every person has their own goals and needs.  It is your job to determine what service needs your client has and provide them for that client.


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