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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

TUESDAY'S TIP OF THE WEEK: Have a good, consistent, start position when you Snatch

The snatch is the most difficult, high skill, and fastest weightlifting movement.  It is, by far, the hardest lift to learn.  During this lift, your body moves through many positions, in fast succession, to "catapult" a load over your head.

The most important position to master in the snatch is the set-up position.

I see CrossFitters butcher the Set-Up position every time we do a snatch workout in our gym.  If you can get this position right it will make your lifts much stronger and more consistent.  If you set up wrong the chances of making a successful lift are greatly reduced.

To get into a good set-up position, go through a step by step process every time you approach the bar.  This process should be the same every time.  This will get you in a good starting position and help you be consistent.  So next time you do "Isabel", your 30th snatch will be just as good as your 1st snatch.

I go through the following steps when I set up for a snatch.  You can use these steps, or try your own and see what works for you.

  1. I approach the bar and set my feet.  Left foot first, then right. (I know, a little OCD)
  2. I grab the bar with my left hand first, then my right, measuring out roughly 1 inch outside the outer ring of the bar.  (your grip width will vary)
  3. I sink my hips down, lift my chest up and take a big breath in.
A consistent set-up will give you a more consistent pull from the floor.  Many times you can spot a missed snatch as soon as the athlete pulls the bar from the floor.  Get a consistent set-up to get more consistent with your lifts.


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