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Tuesday, January 13, 2015


"Filthy" with a 445lb Deadlift PR!!
If you get a PR (Personal Record) in a lift; STOP!

Do not try for more.  Even if the lift felt easy.  Even if you think "I definitely have more in me".

Sometimes, but very rarely, you will be successful with that next lift.  Most of the time one of two things will happen.

1. You will fail the lift and feel like shit that you missed that last lift.  If you had just stopped after that initial PR, you would have been on a PR high all day!

2. You will get injured.  Think about how much stress a PR attempt puts on your body.  You are performing something that you have never performed before.  Now you are going to ask your body to do that again?!?!  That's just crazy talk.

The only exception to this rule is if you are in a competition.  If you've PRed your snatch on your second attempt in a weightlifting meet; go ahead and try for more on your third attempt.  If you PR'ed your push-press in a ladder during a local "Functional Fitness" competition, then go try to lift that next bar.

Outside of those two circumstances; get a PR, pat yourself on the back, and brag about it on Facebook.


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