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Wednesday, January 14, 2015


The most glaring problem with our healthcare system is nutrition education. Those of us who are conscientious of our health and fitness know the importance of proper nutrition. Nutrient dense foods such as vegetables and fruit are a staple of our diets. We stay away from food additives, preservatives, sweeteners, etc. Obviously our healthcare system does not see the importance of these nutritional standards.

About a year ago I spent a little time in the hospital.  While I was waiting in the emergency room, I sat next to these...

There's a good idea.  Give sick people soda and candy bars while they are waiting to be treated.  It's a good way to get some return customers I guess.

The food at the hospital was horrible as well.  If you wanted fruit, they maybe had a banana for you.  Or you could have a fruit cup.  You know, one of those fruit cups with syrup in them.  Not only do you get some fruit, but some corn syrup and some preservatives to boot.

I got a meal with "Turkey" one night.  The menu said it was turkey.  Maybe there was some turkey in there, but it definitely had some other ingredients.  Definitely not fresh turkey.

Our healthcare system should take some steps to educate people on proper nutrition.  At the very least, stop offering chips and soda in their waiting rooms!


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