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Thursday, February 19, 2015


My clients love to ask me "Why?".  "Why do I have to do burpees?"  "Why do I have to do Wall-Balls?"  "Why do I have to ride that damn bike?!"  My answer is usually something like "shut your mouth and do what you're told!"  Not really; I am much nicer than that!  That answer comes out of my mouth because they are usually "asking" as a way to complain or procrastinate.  When a client is truly asking me why we are doing a certain movement, I can always answer.

If you are a personal trainer, you should always be able to answer the question "Why?".  When you write a program for a client there should be a reason for every movement you program for that person.  Like programing squats for an elderly client so they will have the ability to get on and off the toilet.

There should also be a reason for why you programed a certain movement at a certain time in a workout.  For example, Ben Bergeron writes daily workouts for competitive CrossFiters.  (  He writes two separate workouts, for Regional athletes and for athletes preparing for the CrossFit Open.  For the athletes preparing for the CrossFit Open Ben Bergeron programs the strength phase of the workout after the conditioning.  Why?  Because Open athletes main goal is to increase their conditioning.  Bergeron wants those athletes to give the most effort in the phase of the workout that needs the most improvement; the conditioning.  That is why he places the conditioning first.

If you can't answer "why?", then the movement shouldn't be in the program.

What you're probably thinking at this point is "So why do I have to ride that damn bike Mike?!"... "Shut your mouth and do what you're told!"


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